The European Organic Certifiers Council (EOCC) is a group of organic control bodies who are interested in cooperation and exchange of information.
The first meeting in 2000 was held in order to discuss the formation of an European group active within the framework of the EC Regulation for organic agriculture and foodstuffs. So far moren than 40 control bodies world wide are member of the EOCC. In 2010 EOCC has been formally registered in Belgium as an international association.

The EOCC aims to increase the reliability of control and certification activities and decisions in relation to European legislation with regard to organic production and labelling of organic products.

The following items have been considered to be important:
1 Representation of control bodies to EU Commission and EU Member States level. Main issues are new proposals on EU regulations and interpretation of regulations already in force with regard to inspectability of organic agriculture, processing and trade. Also representation to other stakeholders in the organic sector and the public.

2 Harmonizing interpretations and controls of the European organic legislation.

3 Exchange of important information for all inspection bodies, e.g. fraud.

4 Sharing services and developing methodologies and tools.

EOCC recommends Biofach and The Organic Standard